Sorcery - Motorsports Banner - 3.0

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Image of Sorcery - Motorsports Banner - 3.0

55 inches (wide) x 12 inches (tall)
Solid Individually
UV Coated, 3M Wrap Vinyl for Easier installation.
* DISCLAIMER: These windshield banners are sold in rectangle format and require a squeegee, exacto knife, & some general know how to install on your car. YOU WILL NEED TO POSITION & TRIM THE BANNER for proper installation.

* ADDITION DISCLAIMER: Since this banner has a die-cut at the bottom half of the banner around the logo Please seek professional installation or at the very least; mock it up with tape and work on half at a time.

* In the bottom Image where it is displayed on the car - The installer cut around the top portion of the banner to preserve the top half of the ghost and maintain visibility.

* Please follow your state & local laws when install these types of banners as there are limits on how low they can be positioned.


Image of Sorcery - Motorsports Banner - 3.0 Image of Sorcery - Motorsports Banner - 3.0